OVER 100 Years Experience Exclusively with Valley Irrigation

Jeff Hoffman (Owner and Founder) is in charge of day to day operations of Hoffman Irrigation.  You can find Jeff in his office pricing large projects or on top of a pivot doing a service call.

Justin Hoffman (Parts and Service Manager) will help you figure out the best way to irrigate your field with the latest computer software and find solutions using the latest irrigation technology.  You can normally find Justin in his office helping customers, overseeing assembly of a new machine, or doing a service call.

Danny Pollard (Productivity Manager) will be seen around the office and will be here to help you with finding a part or getting the right person to you to work on your machine.  

Steve Majchrazak (Outside Sales Specialist) will also figure out the best way to irrigate your farm using GPS mapping technology.  He will give you the best price on your new Valley Irrigation machine.  You can find Steve in the office pricing pivots or on the road meeting customers.  Feel Free to call him directly (410) 463-5476

John Lowe (New Jersey Store Manager)  has over 20 years of Valley Irrigation experience.  John will be assisting us in the northern part of our territory doing service work, selling and designing pivots.  Feel Free to Call him directly at (609) 805- 2171.

Fred Tichy (New Jersey Product Specialist, Certified Irrigation Designer)
is certified in the design of pivots, drip, and sprinkler irrigation. With a background in service and sales, he has over 30 years experience working with irrigation manufacturers and dealers across the country. Fred will help you solve your irrigation challenges, and lend his expertise to improving your operation.
Call Fred directly at (609) 513-3208

Jeff Newton (Irrigation Parts Specialist) will help you find anything you need to get your irrigation running.  Jeff has been a mechanic his whole life and knows how things go together, making it easy for him to help solve your irrigation issues.  Jeff will almost always be found at the store on the parts floor.

Joan Hoffman (Administrative Assistant) will send out statements each month and handle most billing related questions.  You might be able to find Joan under a pile of paperwork in her office.

Billy Dennis (Service Tech) handles the majority of our service calls.  He is trained by Valley to make sure your machine stays running when you need it.  Billy is either in the field doing a service call or driving to the next one.

Sam Webb (Crew Leader) makes sure the installation process goes quickly and as smoothly as possible.  Sam keeps his team going to make sure your pivot is running when you are ready for it.  You can find Sam pushing bolts or running the heavy equipment at a farm near you.

The Team and hard working family of Hoffman Irrigation will be assembling your  new Valley Irrigation machine.  They are the ones who are responsible for keeping your machines running and for making Hoffman Irrigation the area's leading irrigation dealer.