1. Design
    Hoffman Irrigation's trained salesman can take you through the whole design process in house on our big screen TV. We can show you what size Center Pivots will fit on your farm with up to date satellite images. We can show you how much underground pipe and wire you need and also show you where the most economical place to put the well and the power service. If you are interested in what Hoffman Irrigation can do on your farm, Call Today!
  2. Sales
    Hoffman Irrigation is your Valley Irrigation Performance Plus Dealer on the Eastern Shore. We have full access to Valley Irrigation's product line and can use it to find a solution on your farm. If you are looking for extra acres or if you are new to center pivot irrigation we can find perfect application for your farm.
  3. Installation
    Hoffman Irrigation has a full time installation crew to get your pivot running when you need it. Our installation team uses the best equipment, tools, and technology to make sure your irrigation is up and running quickly and correctly. On the Eastern Shore we know that any downtime can result in significant income loss. We have the largest selection of Valley Irrigation pipe to reassembly your machine when an accident occurs.
  4. Repair
    Hoffman Irrigation has the only AWARD WINNING factory trained service technician on the Eastern Shore. We also have the largest irrigation parts inventory and the best service department to make sure your irrigation is running when you need it. We are dedicated to make sure you stay running all season.